Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where has TIME gone?

I've lost track of TIME.  Where has it gone?  I posted last week and thought I would get a lot done on my different altered art projects, my rubber stamping projects and other household crafty stuff.

No, dusting, cleaning, laundry, mowing the grass, weeding, and all that stuff is NOT household crafty stuff.  All this stuff has to be done too but I put it off till I can't stand it anymore.  Finally had to do a load of laundry today because I ran out of clean bath towels.  My clothes washer (Maytag) has a problem ... the cold water does not want to come on consistently so sometimes it takes over an hour or more to fill the washer with water before I can wash the clothes!  It takes just as long to fill it again for the rinse cycle!  It could take up to 4 hours to do one load of laundry.  Good grief .... I should get that fixed.  The washer and dryer are from around 1986, so maybe it's time to get a tune-up ?

Anyway, I just wanted you to know I'm still working on altering things and will get some pictures up soon.

Have a great Sunday!   Sandra

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