Monday, August 12, 2013

I Altered a Bird Feeder

     I had this old bird feeder that was in really bad shape - - - at least for the birds and their lunches.

     It's the type of feeder that sits on the ground for birds who like to peck stuff off the ground.  It never got much use because Linda next door ( fat, black & white cat ) just loves to chase birds - sometimes she catches them too.  The seed would sit in the feeder for weeks, get rained on and then rot or go to seed !

     I finally picked it out of the over grown grass in the back area of my back yard, cleaned it up, scrubbed the seeds out of it and planted it with Hens & Chicks succulents.  Here's what it looks like right after I planted it - I think that was back in April.

     You can also see two round pots / saucers that I planted some Hens & Chicks in.  I had to transplant all my Hens & Chicks from the other side of the front yard right up next to the sidewalk because the neighborhood children would walk into my yard and step all over them.  Poor little Hens & Chicks were not doing well.

     I'll take pictures tomorrow of what these pots and feeder look like now !  I almost have to thin the pots and make more.

Have a great day !   Sandra

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